Saturday, February 9, 2013

Yesterday was not so

Yesterday we took the metro into the shopping area that we shopped the other day. It was like we just couldn't stay away. Would you say it is addictive? We actually forgot to get the forms filled out for the tax rebate on my shoes, so we had to go back. I still wasn't fulfilled with shoes, now that I felt what a dream it is like to wear the french leather shoes. I still needed a pair of boots to fulfill my heart. Claudia found a beautiful turquoise suede pair on sale for me to buy. Now isn't she helpful. We do help spend each others money. I also couldn't resist a pair of tights that came to $50. They are spectacular though.

We walked up and down looking at the beautiful window displays. I took a couple of pictures of some big silk scarves. The patterns and colors were beautiful.

We ate lunch on top of the big department store that we had discovered the other day. We both had pumpkin soup and took in the sights. We purchased a little more chocolate incase we run out.

Took this picture of a hamburger to show you that goose pate is very popular and this hamburger has onion marmalade and then a slice of goose pate. They have electric cars that the government supplies. In the picture you can see it being charged and then you can put in your coins and then return it in another place in the city. They have bikes and motorcycles that line the sides of the streets the same way.

Last night we went to the Moulin Rouge. It was a great show. It reminded us of the Las Vegas Shows. There was some American songs and some english spoken.

Then in the middle of the night it began. Food poisoning. Claudia joined me by morning. We have spent the day in bed. We had tickets for the Opera tonight and we voted to let it go. Things have quitted down now and we are in hopes that we can eat something tomorrow and begin to get back into action. We decided it was the pumpkin soup and then I had some goose pate and that added extra for me.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

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RhondaBuss said...

Oh how be sick in Paris. Such a shame. Hope you are feeling better.
How did you resist not buying one of those scarves? They are so beautiful!