Wednesday, February 13, 2013

First day of our tour

This entry was from yesterday. Sorry, it got out of sequence.
We met the group and our tour guide at about 2:00 this afternoon. We walked to a tea house to lunch and tea. Claudia and I were surprised as it was the one that we had already discovered the other day and didn't realize it was the same one that was included in our tour. We have been trying not to do the same things that were coming up on the tour. The quiche was delicious and probably the best one I have ever eaten in my life.

Then we took a walk together down the street so we could see what was near our hotel for shopping. There looks like there are some real shoppers in this group, so we will look forward to see some great fines. Today we learned that the government decides on the times when the stores can put things on sale. It usually is in February and July.

Before our tour started I walked down to the passage that is near our hotel to a shop that looked like wearable art to me. The window pictures are from there. She had some great stuff.

I also took a picture of some young people walking in front of our hotel wearing boxes. I am not sure why.

We went to a perfume museum. The history of perfume making was explained and the antique bottles were beautiful. It was connected to a factory, so you could buy at outlet prices. I let other people do that. It was fun to smell the different smells.

Included a picture of our local chocolate shop and their making chocolates. I have never had one so close. It just seems to be important to stop in every day.

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RhondaBuss said...

I missed your post yesterday. So happy to see you 're back again and to know that all is well. Don't the windows in Europe seem so much nicer than ours?!! When I'm there I just want to buy everything!!