Thursday, August 27, 2015

Another Shirt

I made one more shirt from Marcy's pattern. She had some silk jersey on her website and it is hard to find. I love to wear silk. It feels so soft and cool.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Marcy's new Sundress

 It always amazes me the way Marcy can come up with so many pieces and they always seem to go together and create a really nice effect.
 I used a voile fabric for the main part of this dress. I had enough fabric so I could double it so you couldn't see through it.

 I like the way this collar lays. There is a tuck at the back so it flops over, but looks good.
Here it is so you can see up closer the pieces that are inserted and have a little gathering at the tops of them.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Marcy's Pinafore

 I have been sewing my heart out, but am just getting around to getting some of the pictures taken.
This will be a winter pinafore. I had some hand dyed velvet I did some time ago and decided instead of being one of those fabrics you save because you love it so it won't do much good if I don't use it.
 I combined it with a couple of commercial fabrics because I didn't have enough of the hand dyed. The reason why I didn't have enough of the hand dyed is because when I was dyeing the velvet my cat jumped up on the stretch fabric and put two holes in with her crawls. You can imagine she wasn't on my love list that day. So needless to say I had to work around the holes.

 I love the style lines of this pinafore. Marcy always does such a nice job of putting those pieces together.
 This is one of the commercial fabrics and it has some see through and netting to it. It worked in quite well. I made the shirt and leggings out of that as well.
This was another commercial purple velvet that worked out well. You can also see a little closer the hand dyed fabric. I took a wood stamp and iron the image into the velvet.  At the pockets you can see a little of the lining and that gives a little more color. I didn't use the facings on the neck and armholes as the pattern has it. I instead made my own bias from some brocade fabric and just taped each of them.