Monday, September 15, 2014

Another V8975

 I really like this dress and decided to make another one. I used one of Marcy's combos with the orange fabric that I had. I made this one a little tighter and I can see the rolls, so it looks like the first one was a better fit. Live and learn.
 I decided to make matching bra and underpants to go with it. I know I will be the only one that knows, but it is still fun.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


 This is Katherine's new shirt for the fall. I totally love it. She absolutely amazes me how she puts the pieces together and they really look nice if you follow the directions. It isn't for my usual just put together and not read the directions. It creates a challenge, which I enjoy. The design of the pockets on this are really genius.
 I bought the fabric from Marcy. It is one of her combos that she sells. I love the fabric. It is great quality and it is so soft. You think you are walking around in your pajamas. One of the sleeves and the bottom trim is mesh.
I wasn't able to fold out my usual 2" at the waist because of the design lines. So it is longer then I usually have them, but with some tights or leggings I think it will be great. I did take off 1/2" at the shoulders, because the patterns are usually too wide for me. I added 1/2" at the back shoulder at the neck edge to accommodate for my round shoulders. I put in a small dart at the armhole for a better fit at the bust. Theses are things I have to do on all patterns. I find that these patterns run big and I used a small, but would use a XS next time.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shrug V8975

Yup, that is me with my eyes closed. I was too lazy to take it  over. Besides you just wanted to see the shrug that I made.
 This is the back.
 This is the side.
 The pattern has a draw string for the front neckline, but I like it better without.

 This is a another one that I made also. I like the way it drapes on the body. The pieces under the arm are put together quite clever. Add something different. Marcy always amazes me how she can have so many pieces to her patterns and they do actually go together.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Katherine Tilton's B5881

 I really like this one. I sewed it just way the pattern had it. Next time I would added a 1/2 inch to the armhole.
 This is the front. One side of the upper front and the button band. I was very lucky to find a piece of linen that was all gave the look of being pieced together.
 This is the back. It has gathering at the waist.
 The front again.
 I made a hat to go with it. We are out for breakfast.
There is a piece that the bottom skirt hangs from. It had several places when you were sewing the seams that you were instructed to not sew when you were adding the pieces. So it has gaps that open up. I did it that way because I wanted to see how it would look, but next time I will sew all the seams closed.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back to School

 This was a project that my 9 year old grandson and I did together. I had him learn to use a measuring tape and ruler and come up with how much of everything that we needed. He is very good in math. I had him get on the internet and order it all himself. We found what we needed at Seattle . This is the front.
 This is the back. We had a backpack of mine that we copied the pattern off of. He did some of the pattern pieces. I did the sewing, but he took some scraps and had fun seeing how the machine worked. We talked about the needle sizes and then the different feet, like the one needed to put in a zipper. The two way zippers throw me for awhile until I remembered that You Tube has everything. Sure enough they did. My grandson also picked where the colors were to go.
 This looks way bigger then it is, but it is a coin purse to put in his lunch money for the backpack.
These were two organizer bags that I copied off of some I have for travel. He likes to carry little cars or cards that he collects and this will keep them separate from the other things he carries.The cost of the fabric and other things needed did not really make it particle to make many of these, but the learning and togetherness was worth it.

Monday, August 11, 2014

New Room

 Thought you would like to see some of the new sun porch. The room measures 14x27. At one end we have a sitting area and eating. We have a 1/3 of acre and the backyard is garden. The windows make it so nice to see the garden area now. I have five fountains and fourteen trees. Mostly fruit trees.

 The other end I have my sewing and work area.

I am so happy to line up my machines like this. I haven't been able to stop sewing since we have completed the room. It is just so easy now to get things done. The other thing we like is that my husband can sit in the sitting area and work on his laptop and talk to me while I am at the other end.

Monday, August 4, 2014

My Hat

 I thought you would like to see the finishing touches of my hat. This is the lining and grosgrain ribbon and my label at the center back of the hat.
 I put a velvet ribbon around the crown of the hat. The ribbon underside had red that looked nice with just a hint of color turned up in the back of the hat.