Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Sewing Workshop Cottage Shirt

 I enjoyed using my South African fabric to make this shirt. It is a short shirt and has openings on the sides, so you have to wear a shirt under it. I put on a tank top and it worked well.
 The lime green fabric was waxed South African fabric and all 100% cotton hand dyed. Their fabric is very high quality.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Sewing Workshop Tremont Jacket

 I made this jacket from Raw silk and then trimmed it with some wax African cotton I got on my trip to South Africa. I had to draft my own pattern pieces to put on the trim and pockets.
 I made a small. It is a little fitted in the waist. I had a knit tunic shirt that I had dyed and made some time ago and it matched the colors of the trim. It also hung down below the jacket to add a little color.
 I like this jacket and would make it again.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

StudioKat Designs-Purse&Porta-Pockets

 Truly enjoyed making this purse. The directions are very good and the online tutorial is very helpful.
 On the front and back of the purse I used one of my ice dyed fabrics.
 This purse has so many pockets and zippers that I thought it would work really well for a day pack for my South Africa trip, which I leave for this Saturday.
 This will be a great organizer for any of my purses. Just use the ones that fit and you will be able to find that thing in the bottom of your purse.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Jackets and Pants

 Absolutely love this pattern. It is drafted so well. Enjoyed being able to order the zipper and all the snaps from Closet Case as a kit. I have never done the snaps before and they came out really well.
 I used some cotton home deco fabric that I had over dyed some time ago and it looks very nice. The sleeves, collar and pockets is one fabric and the front and back is another. The over dying made the fabrics coordinate well.
 I made this for a light weight jacket that will work for my future trip to South Africa. I call it my elephant hunting jacket.
 I will make another one of these jackets again.
 This jacket I used a heavy linen and a stretch cotton. I lined it with silk.

Because I am short, you can see that I had to cut some off of the bottom. I made should of balanced out the black panels a little more.

 I love this pattern too. The detail was fun. It is very well drafted.
 I used a cotton stretch terry knit and it is so comfortable.

The detail on the back of the legs asked for interfacing and I didn't realize that the facing would show when you cut the slits. I would have used black interfacing.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Another Picasso Top

 I liked this top and made another one. I used Alabama Chanin Organic cotton by Linda Lee. She had the colors coordinated and presented it as a kit. The pants are the same pattern that I made previously from The Sewing Workshop. Alabama Chanin fabric is usually used double layer for the Alabama Chanin garments. This is the first time that I have tried it single layer and I think it doesn't hang very well. I have some organic cotton that is heavier and it works up much better singlely.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Marcy's V9272

 I really like this pattern. Often times I have trouble with Marcy's and Katherine's patterns being too small in the upper arms. This one came out good.

 The fabric I fell in love with. It is some that Katherine designed and had printed up. It is some of her drawings from Paris. I did have trouble with the neck band to lay down. Next time I will put the traditional crew neck on it. I like the turn up cuff on the sleeves.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Odette&Ivy Tops The Sewing Workshop

 I did the Ivy top with Birch Organic Cotton Fabric. I realized once I got started that I would have to match up the birds on the fabric, so I had to order more fabric to be able to line up the birds. I am 5'3" and I did a large and it seems to fit well. Flare of the skirt maybe could be a little less. I like how one sleeve has piece of another fabric and then a small trim on the other. I haven't done a lot of The Sewing Workshop patterns, but each one needs to be measured as the size you may of used in another one is not right on the one you are working on. On others I have used small and x small. I like the way the sleeves are some wider then the 4 big pattern company, so I don't have to redraw the sleeves.
I also did another pair of pants from the Picasso Top & Pants pattern. I did them in linen that Linda Lee sells on her website. I really like the fabric and I love the style of these pants. They are very comfortable.