Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I actually made this last winter, but never got it photographed. I had a piece of wool that I had gotten from a  estate sale and it fit perfectly for this vest.
 I had some trim that I had bought in France that I used on the front and the pockets.
 I had some gold braid that I added to the shoulders and back seam.
 I put the pockets  welts in not the same place on each side, so added buttons to the top of one side and the bottom of the other side. Then I hoped the viewers eye would go to the buttons instead of noticing that they were not in the same place on each side. Our mistakes do push us to get out of our boxes.
 I made my own bias for the inside seams and armhole.

The pattern comes in at the bottom and I brought it out about two inches so it wouldn't fit so tight around the legs.