Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Finished my neutral bra tonight. This bra is so comfy. Now it is on to a blouse I want to make.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Looks So Good

Today I went to a organic farm where they sell vegetables and fruits once a week. It is run by the mental health department. It is for people to get back into life after their mental health issues. They also bring in some produce from other local farms. You never know what they are going to have. I have learned that things are delicious and enjoy them that week because the next week they might not have it, but they will have something else that is delicious.
 I had never seen purple carrots before and the lettuce was just beautiful.
So this just said to me have a stir fry. That is what I had for lunch with a salad with the lettuce and avocado. I still have some olive oil from France and then I added some chopped garlic, ginger and lime juice. I sprinkled my French salt on top. Just so good. Isn't it wonderful in the summer time to be able to get so many fresh vegetables and fruits?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So Excited

Yesterday I had help getting this fountain mounted. The contractor had a old picnic table and he used the wood from that. I had bought this fountain about eight years ago from a consignment shop, but never had anywhere to mount it. It had a pump with it and believe it or not it was made in Italy, not China. I had to clean it all out to get it to work and we were off and running. When the grapevine fills in it will make a really nice back ground.
 This is a tile picture I painted sometime ago. I restored the frame as it had gotten weathered by being out in the elements.
 This is the other water feature that I got together as well.
It is so fun to get some of my visions together for the garden. Sometimes you wonder why one takes so long to get there. What holds us up. I am sure we all have answers for that one.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Just Had to Show You

My friend Claudia stopped by to see how everything looks. When we were out in the garden she says is it real. This cactus puts on such beautiful blooms. Look down at the right corner and see on the shorter cactus there are about five more coming.

Monday, June 10, 2013


I have most of my fabric put away and was able to find some of things I needed to begin a new sewing adventure.
 I bought a small table 2'x4' to set my machines on. It is described as a craft table that has adjustable legs. I think this will work out well.
 This is on the opposite wall. My design board. You can see to the left I have a Terrill bed in case visitors come. This way I have a nice area to put up my cutting table when I need it.
The beginning of the bra I am working on. I picked up a small piece of lace in Paris and decided to add that to the top of the bra.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Front Door

I have been replanting some new pots to put around the front door. Notice the hoe made into a tray with a little house on it to the left of the door.
 Then before the door to the right I planted two Japanese maples. I love those trees. These trees take a long time to get bigger so I am sure it will be awhile before they look part of the landscape.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More Garden

Just had to show you some more of my garden. It is at it's best right now. I have been working for a couple of months now to bring it back to its good state.

This is a old fountain that I just repainted so I can hang it on the new trellis. Hope you enjoyed my garden and it brought your heart joy. Have a good day.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gardening Today

Today is gardening day. It is overcast, at least, for now and so it won't be too hot.
 I bought a mulberry tree yesterday and it is going to be planted up on the hill behind me. Do you see that great Minnesota shirt?
 The grapevines I had to move for my new trellis are coming along, but I don't think there will be grapes this year. In front of the grape is also a purple Wisteria which will bloom in the spring across the front of the trellis.
 Yesterday I bought a bail of hay to try out planting potatoes in next year. You can see up behind me that I have cleared a bunch of weeds and have reseeded the grass to get that to come back in. It holds the sand on the hill really well.
 This is a wonderful white rose that just loves to bloom in my yard. To my left side is a brass sun dial I found at a estate sale. Polished it up and it looks like new.
The boysenberries are coming. It will be a couple more weeks and they will be ready to make boysenberry cobbler with ice cream on top. My son always comes over for that event. See you later. I am off to the gardening for the day. Hope you are having a wonderful day too.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


It is our 24th wedding anniversary tomorrow. My husband got on the internet and looked for a French Restaurant. Here it is in Santa Barbara. Stella Mare's.

 I bet you thought we were in Paris again. I wore my Paris shirt and the place had the look of Paris.
 This was my husbands short ribs with vegetables.
 My scallops setting on lobster cakes and then on a dab of mashed sweet potatoes.
 My husbands lemon curd cake.
My four pieces of French chocolates. What a fun way to celebrate our day. We sat and told each other of things we remembered of our trip together and then I my trip with a friend.