Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Fabrics

What do you think? Did I have fun? I went on our fabric store bus trip with PenWag. We went to three fabric stores in the San Francisco area. We also went to Lacis that has a lot of laces. I got some for the lingerie that I am making. We went to a bead store as well. Some I have never been to before. I do not have very many knits, so as you can see I stocked up on them. I been saving for a couple months for this, so I could get what my heart desired.
 I found a couple pieces of 4 way stretch for leggings.
 The fabric to the right is the one that I bought and thought it would go with the one on the left so I could combine them. I am going to start with those two today.
 A couple of grey stripe ones to combine for a shirt and then bottom one will make a nice soft jacket.
 Three black and white stripes to make a bias skirt for a class that I downloaded from Craftsy. Some other interesting ones for shirts.

Some more interesting knits to combine for t-shirts. The bottom one is for a knit sweater. You will be seeing the finished products as I get to them. It truly looks fun doesn't it?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

V8582 and V8710

 This is out of print, but good. You probably can find it on the internet. I have used it several times.
 This was some fabric I got at a estate sale and I dyed it the color I wanted. This pattern has a side piece that drapes out and down. The pattern has it on one side and I put it on both sides. I shortened it one inch. I cut the bottom edge uneven so it would looked ripped.
 I used the bias iron on tape to secure the neckline before I sewed the crew neck. It works so well. It makes it easy to do necks on knit fabrics.
 I like this shirt. I had fun using the stripes different ways.
 I took out a 1/2 inch on the shoulder seam like I do on most things. It looks like I should of left it in. It is a little short across the shoulders. I think I will add a little more in the bustline next time. I used my coverstitch to make a decorative stitch at the bottom hemline, sleeve edge and around the side piece at the bust.
 In this picture you can see the side piece. I cut the sleeves on a bias.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Another V8975

 I really like this dress and decided to make another one. I used one of Marcy's combos with the orange fabric that I had. I made this one a little tighter and I can see the rolls, so it looks like the first one was a better fit. Live and learn.
 I decided to make matching bra and underpants to go with it. I know I will be the only one that knows, but it is still fun.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


 This is Katherine's new shirt for the fall. I totally love it. She absolutely amazes me how she puts the pieces together and they really look nice if you follow the directions. It isn't for my usual just put together and not read the directions. It creates a challenge, which I enjoy. The design of the pockets on this are really genius.
 I bought the fabric from Marcy. It is one of her combos that she sells. I love the fabric. It is great quality and it is so soft. You think you are walking around in your pajamas. One of the sleeves and the bottom trim is mesh.
I wasn't able to fold out my usual 2" at the waist because of the design lines. So it is longer then I usually have them, but with some tights or leggings I think it will be great. I did take off 1/2" at the shoulders, because the patterns are usually too wide for me. I added 1/2" at the back shoulder at the neck edge to accommodate for my round shoulders. I put in a small dart at the armhole for a better fit at the bust. Theses are things I have to do on all patterns. I find that these patterns run big and I used a small, but would use a XS next time.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shrug V8975

Yup, that is me with my eyes closed. I was too lazy to take it  over. Besides you just wanted to see the shrug that I made.
 This is the back.
 This is the side.
 The pattern has a draw string for the front neckline, but I like it better without.

 This is a another one that I made also. I like the way it drapes on the body. The pieces under the arm are put together quite clever. Add something different. Marcy always amazes me how she can have so many pieces to her patterns and they do actually go together.