Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Plaza Jacket

 This is a vest using the Sewing Workshop pattern for the Plaza Jacket. I had a piece of fabric that I had to put a seam down the back to make the selvage come out on the outer arms. I folded out 2 inches across the width of this pattern. The piece of fabric was a little short. I would add 2 inches to the bottom of the vest. I cut off the sleeves. I had some left over of the wool shirt I made previously, so used it to trim the vest. I know this black doesn't show how the vest overlaps in the front.
 This is a close up to the neck. I used two earrings that I had cut off the back of.
 This is the detail on the side of the arm. I had four covered buttons. I know it looks grey in the photo, but it is black.
Enjoyed this creative adventure.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Artsy T Shirt

 I watched Marcy and Katherine Tilton's Crafty video on T Shirts. I need some warmer clothes with our cool weather. This is a piece of light weight wool that I made into a T Shirt. I had fun with the stripes placing them in non traditional ways.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Travel Purse

 This is a old pattern that I found at a thrift store and it had just what I needed. I had made a travel purse and it has worn out. I had some lime green canvas and added some quilting fabric. I block printed the canvas front.
 This has a zipper for me to place my money in the pouch.
The back has a small pocket for a credit card and then a larger one for my passport.
The canvas weave was so dense, that I had to get out my feather weight to sew with a denim needle. Some of it I had to hand sew as the machine wouldn't do it through several thicknesses.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


 These are two pairs of socks that just finished knitting. I have found that knitted socks are so comfortable and fit so well. I have a small foot, so the commercial socks don't do the trick. Some that I have knitted for other people, they have really liked the fit too. I have taken on to knit up all the yarn I have waiting in my stash of yarn for socks. I should be done in a couple more pairs.