Thursday, July 28, 2016


 I got going on the pants from Marcy's pattern after she published what she had done with these pants on her blog. They looked nice and cool for summer.
 The first pair I shorten five inches as Marcy had done. Then decided I would like them to be shorter so I went to seven inches. I really like these pants. They are comfortable and very easy to make. I went through my stash to see what would work. The blue ones is a light weight cotton fabric I was saving for a shirt, but works very well for these pants. Then the black pair is some rayon and look a little bit dressy.
I have had some red hat cotton fabric that I have been going to make up for about ten years and never get to it. This being fast fit the bill and I was able to wear them to our last meeting. Then the green is a old vintage linen that I got at a estate sale and I tried adding the top part in a piece of knit as Marcy suggested and it does make them even more comfortable. I would definitely recommend making a pair of these and see if you can only make one. I bet you can't.