Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bathing Suit

 I have never made a bathing suit before and I decided to take on the challenge. I used this pattern which I think came out well. I used bathing suit fabric and lining. Put in bra cups and a piece of power mesh across the stomach area. The suit feels very comfortable. My suits are often short and I have to keep pulling them down. This one will not have that problem.
I used the article that Katherine Brenne wrote for the Vogue Magazine June/July 2016 on constructing a bathing suit. It is excellent and covers everything you need to know to succeed. The real challenge was making the stripes angle from the center out. The pattern was on the fold and it took me some time to line up the stripes and then make a seam down the center front and back so I could line up the stripes. I had to baste the fabric so the stripes would stay while I sewed the fabric on the machine.