Saturday, March 24, 2018

Getting Ready for a Trip

 I will be going on the Panama Canal Cruise in three weeks and made another version of Tina Given's top to take along. It will make a good swimming cover up.
 I had a vintage linen guest towel that had some beautiful crocheted trim that I included on each sleeve. Click on the picture and you will get a better view.
 Then I made this top and pants.
 The pattern for the the top wasn't designed for a knit, but it worked well. You can see  that the back is longer then the front. I didn't make it quite as long as I didn't have enough fabric. I think it is long enough for me as is.

 These pants I really like. The back slit is very different and becoming.

 The color didn't photograph well, but is the same pants. It has a elastic waist.
 The detail on the bottom back of each leg.

I have more to show you. It has been quite fun sewing several outfits.