Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Scare Crow Festival

My husband and I went up to Cambria today and they have a scare crow festival every year for Halloween. The businesses make up scare crows to put out in front of their businesses.

 This one actually had steam coming out of the bowl.
 A nursery had pot people.

 These bikes were actually being pedaled and in motion.

Any bus bench or chairs had scare crows. My husband and I were sitting in a bench waiting for the bus and a women came with her camera and then realized we were not scare crows. What a fun day.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Craftsy October Sew A Long

This the black knit dress that I made for the October Sew A Long for Craftsy. I changed the way a little. They had two colors of knit that you could use to trim it. There was a wide band at the bottom of the dress. I used my own trim on the sleeves and neck. I liked the pattern and will use it again. It has a seam going down the back, so you can fit it in at the waist. I will make this up again. I have a print knit that would look nice I think. The sew a long sent out the fabric to you and you downloaded the pattern. It was a nice quick dress. The fabric was a little light weight for me and in my opinion would work better for leggings. It had a really nice both way stretch to it. The fabric rolled and was hard to work with.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Signs of Fall

 I was visiting the Apple Barn in Alvia Beach and this field of sun flowers caught my eye.

They have every kind of pumpkin you can imagine. Some I have never seen before. This rooster was very unusual. They have hay rides for the kids and school bus loads of children come to enjoy the animals. Being from the midwest I am always looking for something that looks like fall to me.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bridget's Home

There is one more day(tomorrow) of the Artist Tour that I am participating in. For those of you that are not local or haven't been able to come, I have to show this artists home. It is 30 years of artistic love and creativity.
 Bridget calls this her stump tree house. They added on as the children grew bigger.
 Her decorative wheel barrow.
 Her mail box.
 A closeup of the top of the mailbox.
 One side of another treehouse.
 This one has a slide.
 Her beautiful backyard.
 The entrance to here studio.
 The other side of the door.
 A couple of arrangements in her yard.

 This is the wall as you enter her outdoor shower and bathroom.
 The sink area.
 The rock shower. She even has a large rock to sit on.
The toilet is on the other side of this arrangement. Now how is that for being creative. It is so inspirational to be able to walk through her house and yard.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Cards for Sale

For those of you that are local, I will be in Arroyo Grande along with five other artists for the San Luis Obispo Artist Tour. It is October 12-13 and 19-20 from 10-5 each day. Email me if you would like the address.

These are a few of the cards I put together for the sale. A couple from my europe travels and another from my garden. Hope to see you there.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Arrival

Very happy to add to my garden a wonderful bell. I found it at a estate sale yesterday.
The bell is made from a steel tank and the base is a disk from a plow. The bell has a very nice sound. Things are going along in the garden. The Asian pear, which was delicious, is done. We are waiting for persimmons. Should be in a couple of weeks. This will be the first year with the tree loaded. The neighbors enjoy the extra. Sometimes there is even enough to take to church to share. I have four trees to add to my planting this fall. A avocado, naval orange, valencia and a kieffer lime(the Thais use the leaves for seasoning in their foods). I have started planting my spring bulbs and fertizling my plants and trees. The grapes are mostly picked in the fields around the area now. They often are out there at night with lights to get them picked before they go bad.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Here it is completed.
My friend Nancy became frustrated when this jacket didn't work out for her and I was blessed with a new jacket to finish. Even though I felt bad for her frustration and have certainly been there myself, I was happy with the gift.
 I added black piping before adding the sleeves. Top stitched in black. I had fun using my vintage buttons. The fabric was linen looking and Nancy underlined it with silk organza to give it more body. It hangs very nice.
 The pattern has ties in the back, but I added a casing and some elastic and two vintage buttons.
 You can see that the tails all around are not suppose to be straight. That is the style.
 This is the fun book that the pattern on a DVD and instructions for several different looking garments are. There are a couple more patterns that I would like to try.
Thank you Nancy for my new jacket.