Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bridget's Home

There is one more day(tomorrow) of the Artist Tour that I am participating in. For those of you that are not local or haven't been able to come, I have to show this artists home. It is 30 years of artistic love and creativity.
 Bridget calls this her stump tree house. They added on as the children grew bigger.
 Her decorative wheel barrow.
 Her mail box.
 A closeup of the top of the mailbox.
 One side of another treehouse.
 This one has a slide.
 Her beautiful backyard.
 The entrance to here studio.
 The other side of the door.
 A couple of arrangements in her yard.

 This is the wall as you enter her outdoor shower and bathroom.
 The sink area.
 The rock shower. She even has a large rock to sit on.
The toilet is on the other side of this arrangement. Now how is that for being creative. It is so inspirational to be able to walk through her house and yard.

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RhondaBuss said...

So whimsical and fun. I bet you walked away with a million ideas.