Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Scare Crow Festival

My husband and I went up to Cambria today and they have a scare crow festival every year for Halloween. The businesses make up scare crows to put out in front of their businesses.

 This one actually had steam coming out of the bowl.
 A nursery had pot people.

 These bikes were actually being pedaled and in motion.

Any bus bench or chairs had scare crows. My husband and I were sitting in a bench waiting for the bus and a women came with her camera and then realized we were not scare crows. What a fun day.


RhondaBuss said...

I really like the pot people. I'm
Going to have to do a scare crow for my garden next year. A friend of mine did one for hers and it was such a fun addition.

Angela Steen said...

I love these! I've put it on my calendar for next year!!