Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Fabrics

What do you think? Did I have fun? I went on our fabric store bus trip with PenWag. We went to three fabric stores in the San Francisco area. We also went to Lacis that has a lot of laces. I got some for the lingerie that I am making. We went to a bead store as well. Some I have never been to before. I do not have very many knits, so as you can see I stocked up on them. I been saving for a couple months for this, so I could get what my heart desired.
 I found a couple pieces of 4 way stretch for leggings.
 The fabric to the right is the one that I bought and thought it would go with the one on the left so I could combine them. I am going to start with those two today.
 A couple of grey stripe ones to combine for a shirt and then bottom one will make a nice soft jacket.
 Three black and white stripes to make a bias skirt for a class that I downloaded from Craftsy. Some other interesting ones for shirts.

Some more interesting knits to combine for t-shirts. The bottom one is for a knit sweater. You will be seeing the finished products as I get to them. It truly looks fun doesn't it?

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Nancy said...

Holy Cow! When you put them all together - what a stash! I know your car was leaning off to one side with all your goodies. Gracious! And I was with you on this trip.......