Tuesday, September 23, 2014

V8582 and V8710

 This is out of print, but good. You probably can find it on the internet. I have used it several times.
 This was some fabric I got at a estate sale and I dyed it the color I wanted. This pattern has a side piece that drapes out and down. The pattern has it on one side and I put it on both sides. I shortened it one inch. I cut the bottom edge uneven so it would looked ripped.
 I used the bias iron on tape to secure the neckline before I sewed the crew neck. It works so well. It makes it easy to do necks on knit fabrics.
 I like this shirt. I had fun using the stripes different ways.
 I took out a 1/2 inch on the shoulder seam like I do on most things. It looks like I should of left it in. It is a little short across the shoulders. I think I will add a little more in the bustline next time. I used my coverstitch to make a decorative stitch at the bottom hemline, sleeve edge and around the side piece at the bust.
 In this picture you can see the side piece. I cut the sleeves on a bias.

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Beverly said...

I like this style of top too. I really how you did the striped top.