Tuesday, September 9, 2014


 This is Katherine's new shirt for the fall. I totally love it. She absolutely amazes me how she puts the pieces together and they really look nice if you follow the directions. It isn't for my usual just put together and not read the directions. It creates a challenge, which I enjoy. The design of the pockets on this are really genius.
 I bought the fabric from Marcy. It is one of her combos that she sells. I love the fabric. It is great quality and it is so soft. You think you are walking around in your pajamas. One of the sleeves and the bottom trim is mesh.
I wasn't able to fold out my usual 2" at the waist because of the design lines. So it is longer then I usually have them, but with some tights or leggings I think it will be great. I did take off 1/2" at the shoulders, because the patterns are usually too wide for me. I added 1/2" at the back shoulder at the neck edge to accommodate for my round shoulders. I put in a small dart at the armhole for a better fit at the bust. Theses are things I have to do on all patterns. I find that these patterns run big and I used a small, but would use a XS next time.

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Rhonda Buss said...

Cute style and great use of fabrics!