Sunday, June 2, 2013


It is our 24th wedding anniversary tomorrow. My husband got on the internet and looked for a French Restaurant. Here it is in Santa Barbara. Stella Mare's.

 I bet you thought we were in Paris again. I wore my Paris shirt and the place had the look of Paris.
 This was my husbands short ribs with vegetables.
 My scallops setting on lobster cakes and then on a dab of mashed sweet potatoes.
 My husbands lemon curd cake.
My four pieces of French chocolates. What a fun way to celebrate our day. We sat and told each other of things we remembered of our trip together and then I my trip with a friend.


RhondaBuss said...

What a lovely restaurant and a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary. Congratulations on 24 years! I know they've been eventful. Here's to many more happy years together.

Claudia said...

oh what fun! The food looks just like in Paris. Congratulations to you two, and many more!

Anonymous said...

Well, the things one learn by nosing arond on the internet, I probably won't have learned about the blessed event for another week or longer. I do wish you blessings from above, and all the happy events both of you deserve, and can take. You are one of the nicest couple I have meet. from all of us, all four of us, to you,

God bless your life, every day.
Your neighbor, M