Thursday, June 20, 2013

Looks So Good

Today I went to a organic farm where they sell vegetables and fruits once a week. It is run by the mental health department. It is for people to get back into life after their mental health issues. They also bring in some produce from other local farms. You never know what they are going to have. I have learned that things are delicious and enjoy them that week because the next week they might not have it, but they will have something else that is delicious.
 I had never seen purple carrots before and the lettuce was just beautiful.
So this just said to me have a stir fry. That is what I had for lunch with a salad with the lettuce and avocado. I still have some olive oil from France and then I added some chopped garlic, ginger and lime juice. I sprinkled my French salt on top. Just so good. Isn't it wonderful in the summer time to be able to get so many fresh vegetables and fruits?

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RhondaBuss said...

I wish I would have had lunch with you!!!