Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gardening Today

Today is gardening day. It is overcast, at least, for now and so it won't be too hot.
 I bought a mulberry tree yesterday and it is going to be planted up on the hill behind me. Do you see that great Minnesota shirt?
 The grapevines I had to move for my new trellis are coming along, but I don't think there will be grapes this year. In front of the grape is also a purple Wisteria which will bloom in the spring across the front of the trellis.
 Yesterday I bought a bail of hay to try out planting potatoes in next year. You can see up behind me that I have cleared a bunch of weeds and have reseeded the grass to get that to come back in. It holds the sand on the hill really well.
 This is a wonderful white rose that just loves to bloom in my yard. To my left side is a brass sun dial I found at a estate sale. Polished it up and it looks like new.
The boysenberries are coming. It will be a couple more weeks and they will be ready to make boysenberry cobbler with ice cream on top. My son always comes over for that event. See you later. I am off to the gardening for the day. Hope you are having a wonderful day too.


RhondaBuss said...

Your roses remind me of my peonies. It has been so cold here so my peonies are just starting to open. They are a very old variety with just a single layer, but very fragrant.
You look so cute in your garden and now you've made me hungry for cobbler!!!

Andrea said...

Love your garden, it is beautiful!