Sunday, February 10, 2013

Today is better...but slow

We got up this morning and zipped down to our hotel breakfast to see if we could eat anything yet. Did some light eating and were encouraged.

Decided to go investigate a passage near us. We have found that there are what are called passages through out the city. They are long covered over like streets with shops that seem to go between buildings. On Sunday most things are closed.

We did find a wonderful pastry shop with tea. Showing you picture of the pastries in the window and Claudia pouring tea. Very fun. Found a Paris Vogue Magazine. Rhonda Buss who has a blog that I follow said when she goes to Europe she always buys the Vogue. You can't read it, but it sure is fun to look at the fashions. Mine even had a DVD which I will look forward to looking at when I get home. We also spied the Paris Hard Rock Cafe.

Then made it back to the hotel and took a nap. Then decided to take the metro to the train station where we will be leaving Paris next Sunday to go to Southern France. We wanted to survey it so we will be prepared. It is very large, but now we will know how to do it. When we came out of the hotel to go on the metro you can see that it was snowing. Once we got to the train station we went across the street and found a nice piece of chicken with tarragon sauce on it and mashed potatoes. The restaurant had Tiffany lamps and many people to watch and see what foods they ordered.

There is picture of what we see when we look out our window from our hotel onto the street.

See you tomorrow....Thanks for checking on us.


Anonymous said...

I love traveling with you. Have fun and be careful what you eat...
Margaret Wheeler

RhondaBuss said...

I'm so jealous :) Enjoy that Vogue magazine. And what a score, a DVD to boot!