Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shopping Today

We took off this morning for the big fancy street with the big designers like Channel and Christian Dior. Looking in those windows just does it for you. They have guards at the doors, so that was intimidating to me to not go in. Did you know that the color salmon is it this spring? It is in all the stores and their windows.

Claudia and I have both been making our own bras, so we went into a lingerie shop so we could get some ideas. Look at the cute pink one with rick rack on it.

Then Claudia stopped in front of the Apple Store to make a phone call on her IPhone. Actually, we wanted to see what it looked like and it has three floors. Busier then the San Luis Obispo Store.

Then Claudia bought the lime green leather gloves that were in the window at the glove store.

Then we went to the top of a huge department store and you could see all of Paris. The store had three stores next to each other. The men's store, women's store and accessories and home store. One whole floor had nothing, but leather purses. We didn't stay long because it was actually overwhelming. Claudia did find some cute spoons and forks and some Paris sugar cubes.

Then we found a mustard shop with all different kinds. I found some vinegar too. And then we were off to the Arche Shoe Store. I got two pairs and Claudia one. They are the most comfortable ever.

Then we went to tea at the Crillon Hotel. It is very high class and we had to wear our very best. That was hard because we didn't bring much very best and looked funny with our pack backs. It was very unusual as it was mostly men that were having tea. You can see in the back ground of the picture that Claudia is bringing in her champagne glass to toast. Then we took the metro home during people coming home from work. We couldn't find room on two trains and the last one we just pushed for all we were worth.

The last picture is of a Chinese restaurant near our hotel that makes it's own noodles in their window.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

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RhondaBuss said...

I hope you brought an extra suitcase! What a lovely day.