Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What Day

We got up late and ate breakfast at our hotel. The food that they serve is similar to a Best Western. It comes with the room. Then we took the metro to the train station. Boy, is that station big and it took a while to figure out how to get the train. Once we did we were on an hour to Chartres. We saw the Chartres Cathedral. It goes back to the 12th century and the stain glass windows are really something to see. The church is in a very small town and the church is seen as soon as you arrive to the town. The front of it has a small court yard with little herb gardens. I took a picture of my friend Claudia in front of one of them. The carvings are exquisite. There is a picture of some inside and outside around the doors.

We spent about an hour just taking in all the beautiful sites. Then we had lunch at a cafe that served tea and collected tea pots. Claudia ordered onion soup and I fish soup. Then we each got different types of goose pate. Claudia had lemon tart for dessert. Just a wonderful lunch.

The wind came up and it became very cold. One of the towns we went through to get there, it was snowing. It rained where we were and we estimated that it was about 30 degrees. Claudia decided she should of worn her heavy coat. Yesterday it was about 50 degrees and a little rain. We expect rain tomorrow too.

Riding back on the metro there was a horn and accordion player. They hoped for coins from us. Claudia bought flowers in the metro station for our room and you can see that she is enjoying the music.

We got back to Paris at 8:00 tonight.

We didn't have a vase for the flowers. So Claudia cut a empty plastic water bottle we had with my swiss army knife. They look so nice.

Well, we are getting a little more adjusted to the time change. When it was 8:30 this morning and we decided we should get up, it sure was hard. We were surprised we could do so much today. Tomorrow we are talking about going shopping. Come join us.


RhondaBuss said...

Keep the pictures coming!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are Ooh-La-La! I noticed that Claudia bought Salmon colored roses for your room. Love the shoes and enjoy all of the pictures and comments.

Unknown said...

Looks like much fun! L, A

Unknown said...

Sorry Joan, it's Sue! (McB) I meant, "Looks like much fun. L, S"