Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yesterday and Today

Claudia and I took the fast train from Paris to Avignon yesterday. We rode first class for three hours. The farms were flat land as we left Paris and then the terrane began to get hilly and then rocky. Then we took a train to Aries. Claudia thought we should pull our luggage from the train depot to the hotel. It took us fifteen, twenty minutes. What we didn't know was that it was on top of a hill. It just went up and up. I took a picture of what we saw first. We just couldn't believe what we were seeing. The Romans were here before us. The streets are all one way. The side walks are just enough room for a body. I took a picture of what I would call a alley, but it is one of their streets..

Then I took a picture of the hotel and then what I can see when I look out from our hotel. They still have bull fights here. You can order bull meat in the restaurants. Today was our rest day. We looked a little at the shops and we found a linen shop that something will have to come home with us we decided. This seems to be famous for salt, lavender and olive oil. I took a picture of my dinner last night. It was a piece of beam fish. Then some red rice. So good. Then a picture of Claudia's dessert. A poached pair in grenadine. They cut off the bottom and made it look like a hat and then poured a custard sauce at the base of it.

Our hotel has a SPA. I tried out the hot tub today. I was very disappointed. It wasn't cold, but it wasn't heated either. Then the shower I took afterwards was very cool. Don't think I will do that one again. Claudia and I have ourselves scheduled for massages on Saturday.

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RhondaBuss said...

I smile with every post. So happy that you are having such a wonderful time.