Monday, February 11, 2013

Our adventure today

The weather was nice today. It was 40 degrees and the sun was out sometimes. We decided to take the metro down by the river, so we could catch the bus. It is the best price (2 euros) one way and it takes you by some of the best city sights. It is a city bus, so you don't have to pay the big tour bus prices. We took it all the way to the end and the first thing we see when we get off the bus is this McDonald's. It is two story and has a lovely view from the windows. We went in to see if they served things that were different then they do in the states. You can see by the sign that they have doubles in their combos. The price is about $13.50. The hamburgers looked the same size that we have. They had different toppings on their ice cream. They had the normal french fries, but also like steak fries.

Then you see the next thing we saw as we looked up on top of the buildings in front of us. They have trouble with young artists, the same as we do.

Then we went around looking at the cafes and found a nice little one to have lunch. You see that I ordered a salad with shrimp, avocado and smoked salmon spread out over a bed of baby lettuce with oil and vinegar dressing on it. Claudia is showing you her salad and omelet. After lunch we went downstairs to the toilet as they call it. There wasn't a indication of what coin to put in, so we just put one in and it opened the door. While Claudia was using it, a man came down stairs and was going for her door and I said someone is in there. He said that is the mens and I told him that we couldn't tell which one was whose. He said that was okay and left. We did notice that there were two sinks and then next to them was a urinal and there was no door. I am glad he didn't decide to use that while I was there.

Then we took three metros to a huge grocery store that we think was outside of Paris. Claudia wanted to get a extra ticket for the Festival of the Needle so she could attend it one more day then our tour was allowing. After she got her ticket we went into the store part and looked around. You see the green cabbage that we have never seen before.

Today was our last day by ourselves in using the metro. We have become pretty good at getting around with it. We also decided it was a study of people as well. We looked at styles of clothes and boots and what they wore with them. They have some light black women here that are beautiful. They usually had a man with them. I think that love makes the world go around. The couples are much more showing their love for each other then we do. Before we left the hotel this morning there was a young couple standing out in front waiting and the man just put his hand down on her butt and gave it a squeeze. We had a couple on the metro that gave each other a kiss once in awhile. We also observed what people do to take up their time while riding on the train. We are riding at the high time and we are packed in like sardines and the man next to me try's to take a book out of his back pack and then begins to read it over our heads. Another man has a small kindle and is trying to read it. During the rush people are running to get on and Claudia says I wonder when one of them is going to get cut in half. That door just closes and doesn't care if you are there. I saw one person get out to let people out and couldn't get back on and it left without her. I am holding onto my back pack for dear life as this would be a perfect time for one of those pick pockets to just go to work.

Which brings to mind a couple nights ago the man in the room next to us told us that someone got into his room while he had gone to dinner and stole his laptop. So now when we leave our room we take our computer, camera and jewelry with us. I had all of mine in my backpack this morning and then we learned that the hotel had a safe that I could put my things in so I didn't have to carry them with me all day. What a help.

Tomorrow afternoon we join the tour we came for. Her schedule is pretty full, so the blogging may be cut back. At this point we are wondering if we will have the energy for all of it. I hope so. It looks really fun.

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RhondaBuss said...

I'm loving this virtual tour! Whenever I visit another country, I always try and visit the vegetable market. I just love seeing their beautiful produce.