Saturday, November 17, 2012


This is a house that was two blocks from my sister Roxanne's house where I am staying.
 There were two huge trees that were up rooted. They are working on removing the trees.

There was another tree that the whole top of it was taken off by the wind and landed in the street at the end of her block. I heard the storm in the night, but was too tried to get up and look out the window. My brother in law went to the street that I grew up on and said that there was tree that had gone over and was on top of a car. I drove up to my Dad's house to see if there was any damage as one of the centers of the tornadoes was in his area and there was no damage. I think I am going to experience some of the different weathers they have here before I leave. Right now we are having 50 degrees, which they are very happy with.

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