Sunday, November 4, 2012

Church Today

Today was All Saints Day at the church that my Father and Mother attended. They light a candle for each person in the church that has died during the last year. My sister and her husband and their daughter, my brother, cousin and myself were able to attend together. My parents were pillars of this church.
 In honor of my father they played the song that he requested for his funeral. It is a song that was used during the first world war. It was done with a piano and violin. It is a very beautiful song. You can find it on You Tube, so you can listen to it.

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patti said...


Ashokan Farewell indeed is a beautiful song, and it has a very traditional sensibility. It was, however, composed in 1982 by Jay Ungar, an Brooklyn-born musician. Ken Burns used the piece in his Civil War documentary. Your father chose well for the music for his memorial service.