Friday, November 2, 2012

A Story to Share

I am sure you are wondering what one does with this carve foot. It has a great story behind it. I am sure that my father realized better then I did what it would mean when I chose to move from Minnesota to California. He knew that he would not be able to see his grandchildren like he would see his local ones.  So when one of my sons was about 12 years old he bought two of these wooden feet. He gave one to my son and said that when he looked at it he was to think of him and say a prayer. The other one was for my father to keep and he would do the same and when he looked at his he would think of my son and he would say a prayer for him. So when my son heard that my father was dying he put his foot in his pocket and flew to Minnesota. When he walked into the hospital room, my father said to my son it is time to take your foot. My son came to the house and put the two feet together and he took a picture of the two feet. He then went back to the hospital and showed my father and said now our feet are together. My son sat with my father in the hospital for three days talking and sharing with him. When it was time for him to leave I asked if he would take both feet and he said no I will wait until it is over. He later told me do not send it, but bring it back with you as I don't want anything to happen to the foot. My father was so wise.


RhondaBuss said...

Such a beautiful and touching story.

Andrea said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story. It does sound like your dad was a wise man!