Monday, November 12, 2012


Yesterday I took a trip to Hudson, Wisconsin to see my college roommate. We gave each other a hug and said can you believe that we have known each other for fifty years. Even though we don't see each other very much, we can begin talking where we left off the last time we say each other. I had called her to tell her that my father had died and that I would be in town for a while. She then told me that her husband had died a couple weeks after my father. We processed our griefs together. We realized that we have learned so much in our lives. It was fun to talk about our children and their children. She has such a beautiful piece of land that the winter is putting to sleep, but will wake up in the spring and she will enjoy a part of her husband putting in his vegetable garden. Goodbye to you this visit and looking forward to our next.
 Woke up in the morning to find the first snow. I began to think it is time to home. I drove later in the day when most of the snow had disappeared.
 This wonderful lady was a friend of my fathers. They met when her husband was alive and my step mother was alive. They had a many conversations at the bakery where they had coffee. She offered to take me out to dinner tonight. She told me stories of her life and how much she missed my father. It is nice to be with people that miss him too.

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RhondaBuss said...

Thanks for sharing this period of your life. I'm sorry for your grief, but I have enjoyed watching your journey.