Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank You

To Rhonda's Creative Life Blog. Rhonda asked if she could put on her blog my story about my father and a wooden foot he gave my son. She also told the story of the foot print in the sand in her Sunday night reflection. She didn't know it, but I gave that story to my step mother some time ago and she hung it on her wall. When my step mother died I took it off the wall and brought it to my father and read it to him to give him courage and tell him he could make it through his wives death. He called me his strong daughter as I told him that he would be able to do it with God being beside him. Then when I learned that he was dying in the hospital I brought the story to him and read it to him again. I hadn't realized what that story and the wooden foot had played in my life. Thank you Rhonda for all that you do for so many people.

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