Monday, November 19, 2012

Memory Lane

My children used to ride in the back seat in my Dad's car when we would visit and one said to me do we have to go down memory land again. Well I spend the whole day today doing just that. What a joy. It is 57 degrees today with the sun shining it's heart out.
 First stop was my Dad's house. I took a look at the shed in the back yard and remembered that after my Dad and two of his friends build the shed he painted the body of a cow on the front. You were suppose to put your head next to the body so that you became part of the cow.
 Then I looked up above and saw the mail box that you could no longer see the writing Air Mail on the box. That is how my Dad got his Air Mail at his house.
 I found this duck in some weeds and rubble which he had used at one time for decoration in his garden.
 This weekend my brother in law cut away some of the wall on the flower planter at the end of the porch that had begun to fall a part.
 Then I drove down into the old neighborhood that my father grew up in. This is one of the last little neighborhood markets. When my father was young and even when I was about every 12 blocks there was a small grocery store. My German Grandfather owned one. I used to visit it when my uncle would deliver the fruit and vegetables and sometimes I would get a banana to eat.
 This is the first duplex that my father owned. He and his brother had a paper out and he had saved his money and was going to buy a car. His father would not let him, so at 19 years old he bought a house.
 Then I drove to down by the Mississippi River. Here are the old mushroom sand caves. When I was five my father and I went down to one of these caves and they had the best white sand. He built a huge sand box under a large tree in the back yard and filled it with this wonderful white sand.
 You can see they have filled the entrance of these so people do not go in them any more.
Then it was to look at the High Bridge. It was the one that we had to cross over the Mississippi River to get to downtown St. Paul.
 Here is the library that I used as a kid. It was in the days when Carnegie was going through the country building libraries. I am sitting in it right now using the internet. It sure didn't have that before.

 Across the street is this historic house that I remember when I was a kid. The walls that are around it are typical of the old time walls on many homes. The above picture shows the carriage house that they use now as a garage.
Thanks for coming along. I hope you enjoyed our journey.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joan, you sure are missed by your next door neighbors, enjoying your pictures and stories, Family says hello, Donita goes tomorrow to Sac, and kitty cat will regain the use of her house, now being taken from her by Toby the dog. Maria

RhondaBuss said...

Memory Lane can also be so healing when we are preparing to say goodbye. You have had an incredible journey.