Saturday, November 24, 2012

Swedish Institute

Last weekend my two cousins, Kathy and Debbie and myself went to the Swedish Institute in Minneapolis.
 The college that I attended in St. Peter Minnesota had a office there.
 They had all the past year books from the classes. My cousins wanted to see if I was in them. I had forgotten that my roommate and I had worn the traditional Swedish customs and were in a dance for the St. Lucia Celebration.
 There a large amount of Swedish people that immigrated and settled in Minnesota. This is a old mansion of a man who published a Swedish Newspaper.
 It was all decorated for Christmas.
 A beautiful stain glass window.
 My cousins looking at one of the table settings in one of the rooms.
 There was a lace display.

 Here we are in front of the beautiful fire place in the front hall entrance.
Then I spend a couple days at my cousin Debbie's home. We made some sliced vegetables and roasted them for dinner one night. Truly a delightful time.


RhondaBuss said...

The lace display had to be wonderful to see. So happy that you are having some fun now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joan,

Can't wait to see you!