Friday, November 9, 2012

It's Coming to a End

This is the refrigerator that my parents still had in their basement. It was the first one that they had and I think it is from the 40's. It still works. A friend came today and took it to put it in his cabin up north. He was so excited.

 The friend said that it was so heavy, almost like a car. They had to take the front door off to get the refrigerator outside.
 There were a few other things that didn't sell at the estate sale that my friend was getting rid of for us. A old wood file cabinet, portable dishwasher, stereo and a bumper pool table.
 We took up the carpets and there are nice wood floors. This was my parents bedroom.
The estate sale went very well and we had many people. Even at that there were still things to find new homes for.

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RhondaBuss said...

I know it must be comforting to know that so many things are going off to a new life. I'm sure so much of this process is bitter sweet, but you have given dignity to the entire process. Angels are smiling down on you.