Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Day in Paris

We are discovering new things each day that we have not seen before. This apartment has a washer, but no dryer. It is too cold to put clothes to dry out on the balcony, so we found this rack which took investigating to put together. Our apartment is so small that there is only room for this rack during the day when we are gone and when the pull bed is folded. It would really be a challenge to live in this small apartment all the time.Then we went out to eat. The owner of the apartment has left us some names of local places that the locals eat and a map. They are less expensive then the tourists end up in.
I decided to try escargot for the first time. I thought they were good. My husband almost turned green watching me eat them. He said that I would soon be making a trail across the floor.
I had a nice salad with horseradish dressing. A little hot that built, but good. Then duck under mash potatoes and cheese on top. Very good.
Then we took the bus down to the river and the department store Le Bon Marche. It is just something to walk around in the store. What beautiful clothes. On this trip we only got lost our usual two times. We learned that the bus we took would not pick you up at the spot that it let you off. We had to find the street where it returned on its route. We also learned that when you want to get off the bus you push a red button which tells the bus driver you want off on the next stop and then this part we went by our stop because you have to push a yellow button to open the door at the stop or the bus driver just drives to the next stop. Some friends have commented that perhaps it would be easier to use the metro. We thought it would be nice to ride a bus so we could be above the ground and see the sights. Although I think we have decided that it isn't that far and we would just walk. But, of course, it is farther then we think and then with all of our being lost, it is longer.

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