Saturday, November 26, 2011

A incredible day and night

In the morning we walked over to the market area.I bought these which I wasn't sure what they were, but I think they are currents. They are somewhat sour. I also got some very skinny green beans, one brown green tomato, and a full cooked beet. They had fully cooked beets and egg plant in a produce market. So for lunch I had green beans which I boiled to just right with a little french butter, sliced beet(just had to take off the skin)(sweetest I have ever tasted) and slice tomato.
After this we walked to the Sacre Coer Church. Beautiful inside, but no pictures. So many steps up to it. You could take a tram up, but we opted to climb. Took awhile. Not in shape like some people passing us on the steps. Then I was delighted to be able to find the Fabric District at the foot of the stairs. Believe it or not I didn't visit yet. Will have to go back another day. We were just too tried by then to shop. All of this walking was at least four miles if not more. Not counting the stairs.
Then in the evening we went on a 2.5 hour ride on the water and had a wonderful dinner and music. My husband was so excited that he could take pictures of Paris in the night. He keep running up stairs to the upper deck so he could get just the right picture. The food was wonderful and wine too.
I stopped in the market and bought this forced bulb. Smells so good.
Thanks for stopping by and enjoying our trip with us.

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