Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Last Day in Paris

Just look at all that fabric. I didn't get any though. Most of the discounted fabric didn't look very good to me.
This store had some beautiful fabrics, but not discontinued. I also found some stores that had some very unusual buttons and trims. I did get a few of those. I also found a bead store and enjoyed a little there.
We are losing our energy. We walked to the fabric district and took the bus back.
I thought this was interesting as they do not have snow or cold to experience Christmas so they use all white to feel the spirit. They sell many white flowers now to feel the holiday. They have small trees as I am sure their apartments are not big enough for a large size.

We visited a park a block from our apartment at about 5:30 at night. I realized that the children being raised in apartments have no back yards and the parents are there with their strollers in the dark with their children. There were a few lights, but it was the only time they could play outside after school. We went out to dinner to a local cafe and I was able to have oysters. They only have them in France for two months of the year.

Tomorrow we start home the long trek. I had a tear in my eye to leave. It has been a very wonderful trip. Some great memories. There is more to see and hopefully I can come back to see again. My husbands energy has run out and we had to give up the two day trip to Munich to see some friends.

Thanks for joining and enjoying Paris with us.

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