Sunday, January 27, 2013

Alabama Studio Sewing+Design

This book is a must. I saw that several people had it and were trying various things from it. One of my friends bought it and I took a look and that was it. It is very inspiring.
 It is suggested that you go to the thrift store and get some t-shirts and try the fingerless gloves for the first try. It is helpful to get the hang of the size of stitches.
 I hope Cal Lutheran Mom doesn't mind. It was the right color that I needed.

 I had one of the designs in the book blown up and printed at Office Depot. Then cut a stencil.
 Used some grey acrylic paint to put on the stencil.
Now is where the creative part comes in. I realized that the gloves are too small. I am hoping to get these done for the trip to Paris.