Monday, January 23, 2017

Katherine Brenne's Jacket

 I think I mentioned that I took a class from Katherine Breene in November and really liked her style. This jacket really caught my eye.
 I chose a light weight linen that will be more like a shirt then a jacket. I am thinking it will be nice for summer. Her directions for very good. I liked how she used self made bias stripes to finish all the edges. It takes some time to add these, but it really looks nice.

 There is a seam down the back so it is not straight up and down. There is some curve. There is also some curve on the sides. She has a pair of pants with this pattern and I think I would like to try them too.
 The pockets are just hanging and only attached at the top of each pocket.
 I added squares of fabric and loops for the buttons. The sleeves are just rolled up.
I covered plastic rings with fabric and made my own buttons. The pattern is made so you can make it reversible, but I wanted to show off the contrast that I added.


Claudia said...

Oh wow~ Joan, this is gorgeous. I love your closeups of details. That really gives me a true picture of it.

Nancy said...

Lovely! And you know how much I love linen. But the very best accessory to this jacket is your smile!

Rhonda Buss said...

What a lovely piece! I especially love the handmade buttons :)