Monday, August 11, 2014

New Room

 Thought you would like to see some of the new sun porch. The room measures 14x27. At one end we have a sitting area and eating. We have a 1/3 of acre and the backyard is garden. The windows make it so nice to see the garden area now. I have five fountains and fourteen trees. Mostly fruit trees.

 The other end I have my sewing and work area.

I am so happy to line up my machines like this. I haven't been able to stop sewing since we have completed the room. It is just so easy now to get things done. The other thing we like is that my husband can sit in the sitting area and work on his laptop and talk to me while I am at the other end.


Rhonda Buss said...

How lovely. With all you went through last year, you deserve to have a such a beautiful space. Congratulations!

Andrea said...

All that natural light is wonderful! Looking out on the gardens all day is perfect. Beautiful room.