Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back to School

 This was a project that my 9 year old grandson and I did together. I had him learn to use a measuring tape and ruler and come up with how much of everything that we needed. He is very good in math. I had him get on the internet and order it all himself. We found what we needed at Seattle . This is the front.
 This is the back. We had a backpack of mine that we copied the pattern off of. He did some of the pattern pieces. I did the sewing, but he took some scraps and had fun seeing how the machine worked. We talked about the needle sizes and then the different feet, like the one needed to put in a zipper. The two way zippers throw me for awhile until I remembered that You Tube has everything. Sure enough they did. My grandson also picked where the colors were to go.
 This looks way bigger then it is, but it is a coin purse to put in his lunch money for the backpack.
These were two organizer bags that I copied off of some I have for travel. He likes to carry little cars or cards that he collects and this will keep them separate from the other things he carries.The cost of the fabric and other things needed did not really make it particle to make many of these, but the learning and togetherness was worth it.


Dorothy DotDot said...

This is a good project for practice in measurements. Every little bit helps.

Carol in Denver said...

What precious time with your grandson! I'm sure both of you will remember this time together the rest of your lives.

Rhonda Buss said...

Sometimes we need to forget about practicality and look at the greater gain. What a great piece to share with your grandson.