Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Trees

 People are putting beautiful snow or sunrise pictures for Christmas Day. I know that California is thought of having the best in weather and like many parts of the country it got a change as well. While I was gone on my trip to Minnesota we had a week and half of freezing temperatures. In the nine years I have been in this area, we have perhaps had one day or two each year. I had just planted some new trees in October. This is my avocado tree. Spring will tell me if the roots are still alive and my trees will live. While I was gone someone put on the internet that this was Florida Hate Day. It showed a map of the US with only Florida having nice temperatures. I do have a friend in Florida that said that they had cold weather too. So I will be going out in my garden to begin to get rid of the frozen parts of plants and look to the spring to see what has made it.
These are my sweet peas that I planted before I left and they made it through.

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