Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Rest

This is the rest of the several course dinner in Paris. Now will be the test to see how much I can remember.
 This was a scallop with green caviar and a root vegetable in small squares. A flower from a squash.
 This one was a couple of layers of pastry with a sauce and lettuce.
 This was lobster bisque.
 This was a flaming piece of rosmary. A wonderful piece of steack and very interesting vegetables.
 A lemon cookie.
 This was under the cookie. Very bland like yogurt.
 Thin slice apple. I can't remember what it covered.
 A slender piece of brownie decorated with fruit.
 These were thin slices of pineapple with yogurt. Then this was the basin in the bathroom.

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RhondaBuss said...

I'm glad that I just ate my breakfast as it all looks so good. Hope you are recooperating from your trip and will be getting back to some new inspired project.