Thursday, December 20, 2012

Looking Around

I was out enjoying my surroundings today. I remembered that visiting the Madonna Inn at this time of the year is always so pretty. This place has a very interesting story. A husband and wife were very successful in business and they needed a tax right off. So the wife decided to create this hotel and decorate it with unusual colors and decor. Hopefully it would not be successful. But it was and is.
 A beautiful wishing well.
 Unusal chimmey. Beautiful fountains.
 Decorated with flowers.
 Impressive doors.
 So many lights and decorations for Christmas. Their main color is pink.

 A pink seated bar and roses in the carpet.
 Then I was off to San Luis Obispo which is about 45 minutes up the coast of California from where I live. This is a college town and the students have created their own gum alley. I am sure it is one of a kind.
If you want to get rid of your gum, you just put it on the brick wall of the alley. It is something to see.

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Margaret W. said...

And don't forget my fovorite Madonna Christmas holiday tradition,the lighted tree on top of Madonna Mountain. When you drive by at night it looks like it is floating in the sky.