Sunday, October 7, 2012

Brickyard Trail

When I was growing up we lived a block from a park called Cherokee Park. The name was after the local indians. I used to hike the trails and find arrow heads. Don't have any of them any more, but it was fun to be able to find them then. It was a warm day of 70 and I knew there wouldn't be many of those left, so I wanted to see if I could remember the trails. A friend that lives across the street from the park suggested that the trails weren't hiked much any more and not clear and that I should go up to the top of the park and follow the new trails put in by the city.

 I got to see of the leaves turning too.

 Here are some of the stones that are left over.

 Here is the city of St Paul looking down on the Mississippi River.
 I used to find fossils too.
As you scale down the bluff you pass the brick oven that they used make the bricks for many of the buildings in the city. I think that is the charm of this area with their brick buildings.

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RhondaBuss said...

What a great escape you had.