Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Long Friendship

Here are my long time friends. We went to high school together. 
 Leslie and I went to grade school and did just about everything together.
Then Judy moved into our area and we became a three some. Leslie and myself turn 70 this month and so we were celebrating today at lunch. Judy turns in December, so she is feeling quite young yet.

Last week I attended my high school reunion and was surprised that we all looked so old. To the point that I couldn't figure out who most people were. One of the women told me what her name was and I said oh, you were in my wedding and she said I was? Then she asked what color were the dresses and I told her and she said I like that color. Someone told me later that she had had a stroke and bypass surgery, so that could explain the memory loss. I did see one of my old boy friends. It is kind of fun to see what maybe you missed out on. So you see this visit to Minnesota is visiting many memories.

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