Monday, February 8, 2010

Back from Workshops

I am back from Mary Tilton and Diane Erickson's retreat in Santa Barbara. This is me with all the things I thought I should take with. Never have gone before so I was not sure what to take and I wanted to be sure to be prepared. It is a good thing that I had the car to myself, so I could fill it.
These are some of the women working on their projects. The women in the blue shirt on the right was my roommate. We had a nice time together.
This was a very inspirational retreat. The women were very willing to share and it was very interesting to be surrounded with such talented wearable artists. We wore something different each day that we had made. When I finish my project I will put a picture on the blog.

This retreat was over on Thursday and then on Friday I went up to Atascadero and attended a workshop for two days with Rosemary Eichorn. She is such a good teacher and explains things so well. I worked on a vest in her collage method. I will put it on the blog when I get it done.

I am pretty tried out, but very happy to have had so many new ideas come my way. It will take me a long time to use them all up.

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