Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Odette&Ivy Tops The Sewing Workshop

 I did the Ivy top with Birch Organic Cotton Fabric. I realized once I got started that I would have to match up the birds on the fabric, so I had to order more fabric to be able to line up the birds. I am 5'3" and I did a large and it seems to fit well. Flare of the skirt maybe could be a little less. I like how one sleeve has piece of another fabric and then a small trim on the other. I haven't done a lot of The Sewing Workshop patterns, but each one needs to be measured as the size you may of used in another one is not right on the one you are working on. On others I have used small and x small. I like the way the sleeves are some wider then the 4 big pattern company, so I don't have to redraw the sleeves.
I also did another pair of pants from the Picasso Top & Pants pattern. I did them in linen that Linda Lee sells on her website. I really like the fabric and I love the style of these pants. They are very comfortable.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for showcasing this unique pattern. I very much like your top. Abbey (Sews)