Thursday, November 10, 2016

Another one Done

You can see that I haven't been sewing. This is my second completed project from the Bead Retreat that I attended this summer. It is a bracelet designed by Laura McCabe. This was definitely a challenge. I am enjoying doing something other then sewing. I guess I needed a vacation. I do have a bathing suit cut out for the future. This should be a challenge also as I have not ever made one before. I have one more project from the Bead Retreat to complete. So we will see which wins out.

I will be taking off tomorrow for San Jose, California to attend the PenWAG wearable art group. I will be attending a 2 1/2 day workshop with Kathryn Brenne making our own pants pattern. I am looking forward to seeing how to make pants fit.

The group always has a sale of donated stash fabric in December with a potluck. I have really cleaned out my stash this year and have 13 plastic bags to take up for the sale. I still have many more pieces left for my creative spirit to take on in the future.

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