Friday, May 20, 2016

Back From Paris

 Here are our fabulous leaders. Marcy and Katherine did such a good job of introducing us to Paris. We shopped our hearts out and ate all the best foods.
 This was my first t-shirt, thinking this would be it.
 Then this one just talked to me and it was just needing to go home with me. The hat is a Stetson and made of linen. I was used to seeing men's hats in that brand but never one that was so much my style.
 Some cool socks and Trippen shoes.
 Some more shoes.
 Some leggings.
 Some poke-a-dot socks.
 More shoes.

 This beautiful silk and cashmere tye dyed sweater.

 A shibori scarf.
 A French pattern.
 Some notions. Glass buttons from the flee market from 1920's.
 A piece of denim.
Some more fabric.


Claudia said...

Oh, thanks for sharing! LOVE the shoes and fabric! You go, mademoiselle.

Nancy said...

Oh-la-la! I've been waiting to see your bootie from Paris! Covet that tie-dye sweater. You outdid yourself shopping on this trip.

cynfern said...

Looks like you made the most of our shopping opportunities. We certainly had fun, didn't we!