Saturday, April 16, 2016


 I began this year by doing this jacket that has been unfinished for quite some time. I had planned on doing all my unfinished projects this year, but so far this is the only one to get completed.
 I pieced together some commercial fabric and some of my hand dyed fabric. Free motioned the fabric with my machine.

 I hand dyed and foiled with gold the interfacing. Then added a piping. I enjoy seeing how I can make the inside look interesting.
 I lined it with silk. Added some colorful rayon for a lining yoke. Then a friend embroidered my name on her machine and that looked like it would add to the inside as well.
 Did some covered buttons. Added some piping and some chinese medallion for decoration.
Had a good time with this one.

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Robin said...

What a gorgeous jacket -- inside and out!